Saturday, January 14, 2012

November Rose

I'm finally going to have a niece pretty soon! Between my husband and I, we have 7 nephews, and we have a son, so there have been no girl grandchildren. November Rose is due next month and is going to be a teeny tiny baby. As of right now she is only about 3 pounds. I wanted to try and find some preemie clothes for her since she will be so tiny, but I couldn't find much and what I did find was pricey. So I bought a skein of really cute baby yarn instead. So far I have made one very cute hat and I'm working on socks next. The yarn is self striping, creating different shades of pink stripes plus little rosebuds. I think it will suit her, it certainly goes with her name. November Rose is such a pretty name if you really think about it, sort of poetic. Its like discovering something beautiful in a dark and dreary time.

UPDATE: I finished the matching socks. I'm thinking of making a matching sweater next.

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