Thursday, March 8, 2012

Scarlett and the Wolfe

Last semester I took a creative writing class. It wasn't for my major, it was just because I love to write. I wrote a short story for my class and turned it in at the end of the semester, and I never got feedback from it. I would love to get feedback from someone. I was thinking about submitting it for publishing somewhere but I'd like someone else to read it first. I think its pretty good, but still I'm critical of myself and I'm not sure if it comes across as I intend.
The story is entitled Scarlett and the Wolfe. I got the idea when I watched the movie Red Riding Hood with Amanda Seyfried. I was excited to see it, a modern adaptation of little red riding hood, with the wolf being a werewolf. However, it was a little disappointing, it was too cheesy and not well written. I thought the idea had such potential. Then my husband said, "why don't you write an adaptation?" So I decided to write a short story adaptation of little red riding hood. It is a modern adaptation, set in a non-specific 'big city' similar to New York. Inspired by the moral of the little red riding hood story "beware of charming strangers" I decided that instead of a werewolf, the 'wolf' character would be a charming stranger that means her harm.
So here is a link to my story published on google docs. If anyone actually reads this, comments would be appreciated.

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