Sunday, April 11, 2010

Magic Loop

My current project I'm working on is a sweater that I bought the pattern for and really wanted to make for myself. Its an owl sweater, the cowl of the sweater has owls all around using cabling to create the owls. It is a really cool design so I really wanted to make it. The worst part about knitting sweaters is that when you are done with the knitting you have to sew all the pieces together before you can enjoy it, which is a slow tedious process. The best part about this sweater is that it is knit in the round, no seeming for me to do. I got to the part where I have to start working on the sleeves which of course are also knit in the round from the cuff up. I had to start with size 10 needles, I have those in circular but not in dpns. So I had to figure out the magic loop method I keep reading about in these patterns. I found this wonderful website with instructional videos for all kinds of knitting techniques and found a video that showed me exactly how to do it.

Now that I know how to do magic loop this is so easy to do! Even though I have several years now of experience knitting, there are all kinds of things I still need to learn. Now that I have enough experience knitting, its fun learning more advanced techniques. Moving on to more advanced stuff makes knitting challenging and more fun.

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